I love my job

I love my job…

And that is because of all of you! Thanks!
When I came to Santa Teresa years ago for the first time I feel this amazing vibe immediately. Friendly people talking to each other in the streets. Families and friends share a good time on the beach.

Local business owners will greet you with a huge “welcome” and wave goodbye while saying “Thank you for coming”. Parties around here are on another level, good music, nice food, and always new people to meet and know.

I wanted to be part of all of this so I stayed as a surf instructor at a school. There I discovered I really like to meet people from all the places in the world.
After a few years, with my wife supporting me, I decided to go alone as a surf instructor. It was a huge and risky step for me but a decision I never regret. Using my surf camps experience I implemented my own teaching system, based on fun, security, and very useful knowledge of the beach, the waves, and the weather conditions.

The whole experience all these years has been amazing, all the people we met on the road have been kind, fun, and unique. Every student I had and every guest we had in the Cocobolo Hotel gave me a small life lesson and that made me a much better human being.
Because of you all, I love what I do, I love to be a surf instructor, I love to be a host. Thank you for that. I always carry you all in my heart.