Surf Tournament by teams at Santa Teresa

Surf Tournament by teams at Santa Teresa

This Saturday, January 29 the Asociacion de Surf de Mal Pais and Santa Teresa will be holding a surf tournament. The event will be held at El Carmen beach and it will use a very fun and inclusive format. In fact, it will be a team tournament.

Five persons will be on every team, 1 open, 1 woman, 1 junior, 1 grommet, and 1 master. Of course, for those who aren’t familiarized with surf tournaments, we are going to explain these categories.
First, open means any man or woman of any age. Junior is a category between 12 and 18 years old. Grommet is any surfer below 12 years old. Finally, a Master is any surfer that is over 35 years old.

In fact, the purpose of the tournament format is to promote the surf between people of all ages and skills. Consequently, the older and more experienced surfers work together with the youngest ones and share knowledge. Even if you are not planning to participate it will be very interesting to see the surf tournament with such an interesting format.

The tournament quota will be 8 teams. The registration fee will be 10$ per person and the price will be 250$ to the winner team, plus other prizes from the sponsors. On other hand, If you only want to chill while watching skilled surfers performing, we invite you to show up.

Finally, if you want more info about the event you can check this post from the organizers. Also, this is the original flyer of the event with plenty of of intel about the same. Click on the image to make it bigger.

Surf tournament santa teresa

As a surf instructor and enthusiast, I’m so happy to see these tournaments happening. Truly, this will sharpen the skills of the participants and promote surfing as a healthy sports activity. In the end, this will help young people to stay away from drugs and other social issues.