The Surfing Dog

The Surfing Dog

black dog running

Rescued from Santa Teresa streets, Oso is one of our dogs and the best friend you can ask for. Also, he is a member of the exclusive club of surfing dogs of the zone.

The only thing beyond his intelligence is his sweetness, always looking to receive the customers entering the Cocobolo Hotel. The only fee he asks for is a caress while swinging his tail and sniffing just a little. This is for recognizing you later.
Sometimes when guests go out of the hotel to the beach, Oso follows them there, because he likes the beach but does not like to go alone.

When is time for surf lessons, Oso joins me and the students all the time. He is always waiting on the shore, checking out everything is all right with lessons. Sometimes I think he is like my boss, supervising my performance from the beach, just waiting for any chance to scold me.
He likes to play with the waves, is not afraid of the water at all, and is a good swimmer.

dog riding a surfboard

The Surfing Dog

Because of this, Oso is a good surfer too. He loves riding the surfboard alone or alongside me.
His laid-back surf style catches the attention of locals and foreigners. He just sit at the table and let the wave take him to the shore. Then, he just gets down the board before the board fins touch the bottom. He never have ruined one single surfboard, because after watching many people surfing, he just learned the job just so well.

Oso had a hard life when he was born, spending two years in the streets, looking for food and shelter. We are so thankful to have the opportunity of meeting and integrate him into our family. He is loyal, affectionate, smart, and cheerful. But if the situation calls for it, he can be fierce and courageous, the best adventure partner a humble human being can ask for.
If you want to meet Oso, just reserve your lesson with me, clicking here! We’ll meet you at the beach!!