Surfing with my sister

Surfing with my sister

Two siblings surfing in Santa Teresa

Surf can be enjoyed alone or with friends. No matter if you are a lone wolf or an outgoing person, you can delight in the waves as much as you want.
Although there is something special about surfing with your family. It is that extra spice that gives any dish a stronger taste.

I have tasted that privilege. My sister, Michelle, is an expert surfer too and we recently had a surf session here in Santa Teresa.
As kids, we could only dream about surfing, let alone the idea of doing it together. But that is what life is about, giving us the chance to achieve those things we can only imagine until we do them.

From the valley to the beach

The city of Heredia is not exactly close to the beach. The closest one was driving 3 hours east. Back then there was only one highway to go for the pacific coast of Costa Rica. So getting into a traffic jam was something common. Because of this, trips to the beach were not something you can decide suddenly.

woman and man riding a surfboard in Costa Rica

The surf was not even in the vocabulary of the Costa Rican people. We thought the beach activities were limited to swimming, making sandcastles, picking up seashells and colorful stones, and playing soccer, among others.

As we grew up, our country became a haven for surfers from all the corners of the world and we wanted to be part of it. We just decided to leave our past lives in the Metropolitan Area. Not at the same time of course.

While I was surfing together with her I realized the long road that surfing has taken in Costa Rica. Surely there are a lot of things to be done to make Surf available for everyone. But we are on the right path. I can wait until the next time I’ll be surfing with a loved one.
If you want to reserve a lesson with me, click here, we’ll have fun.

my sister michelle and me