What to do at Santa Teresa at Green Season

Green Season at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a well-known spot during the summer season. Plenty of people around, surfers, bathers, and swimmers. Also, some want to tan their skin a little, others want to walk on the beach, and some of them are looking for meeting new people, even looking for a couple. So visiting Santa Teresa, Nicoya is surely worthy to visit during the summer season but is the green season there as nice as well?
This article is about proving to you that some little rains should not keep you away from this paradise.

Playa Suecos

Playa Suecos is known as the secret beach of Mal Pais.
Suecos beach is known as the secret beach of Mal Pais. A blue-water beach, in the green season this beach gets some sea ponds.
This is because the swells coming from the ocean get higher reaching some empty spots and leaving these full of water. People love to swim or stay sit in these ponds.
Also, it seems the rainy season is preferred by the sea swallow to visit Suecos. Then, if you visit this beach maybe you can share a pond with this unique creature.

  • playa suecos at green season
  • playa suecos and a tide pool
  • suecos beach tide pool

Secret spot

Many rivers and streams dry up during the summer season, leaving only a dry bed. When the green season comes these streams filled with water coming from the mountains causing some waterfalls to appear apparently from nowhere.
One of these waterfalls is known as “Secret Spot”, a small stream of water drops some meters without too much strength causing an effect of a bathroom shower.
It is a very relaxing activity where you can sit and enjoy the water falling gently on your body. Hence, locals often visit this place on weekends to have a good time after days of hard work.

a waterfall that is present only in green season

Hermosa and Ario beach

Hermosa and Ario beaches are located north of Santa Teresa. Both beaches count with less urban development and the vegetation becomes thicker in the green season. Because of this, these beaches are nice places for bird mating and other species like monkeys. Prepare your camera, do not make noise, and be ready to take good pictures.

Cabo Blanco

During the dry season, Cabo Blanco is visited by many. To be honest, it is not the best “looking” season for this natural reserve.
The green season “dresses” the trees with lively green. Then, for some species of plants is the blooming season. Subsequently, the fruits appear on the branches and different species of mammals and birds make a feast. Cabo Blanco is very different between seasons. If you have been there only during the summer you are missing half of the experience.

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