Our Surfboards for the lessons and surf camp

Surfboards for the lessons

To get the best out of our surf lessons is really important to have the best equipment. This is why I invested to have the best surfboards available for our students. Choosing the right surfboard for newcomers and advanced surf enthusiasts was not an easy task.
Through research and my own testing, I decided to get the Mick Fanning softboards.

What is a softboard?

Surfboards have been evolving since they were made of wood by the people of the ocean pacific islands. From being heavy and hard to transport, even unsafe to being lightweight and easy to handle, the softboard is the cutting edge technology when it comes to surfboards.
Mick Fanning’s softboards are made of a combination of Polystyrene foam, hybrid carbon fiber, and epoxy resin. This way the board keeps a soft and placid surface while getting a high-density material in the bottom.

With these boards, you can feel comfortable on the board while achieving the traditional surfboard performance.

  • woman surfing with softboard
  • softboard resting on the floor
  • mick finn softboard

Who’s Mick Fanning and why I should care?

4 times champion of the World Surf League, Mick is an Australian professional surfer and entrepreneur.
He won more than 22 surf events around the world from 2002 to 2016 when he retired.
As an entrepreneur, Mick supports many Australian and foreign board designers. He asked the most talented ones to develop a range of designs for his line of soft boards.
As a surfer, he uses his own board brand in competitions around the world. He tests the boards himself on a wide range of different waves and conditions.
If you want to know more about him you can visit his website.

Why did I decide to invest in the softboard?

I’m always receiving all kinds of people. Some of them aren’t exactly athletic, for obvious reasons, people who work at offices or their jobs aren’t physically demanding. Also, I teach surfing to kids. So we need a board that is easy to lift and handle.
Once you get off the board on the water foam, you need to take the board in your hands and get where the waves form. This could be a very tiresome process with the wrong surfboard.
Some people choose to put the board on their heads and walk all the way back to deeper water. This could be bad for their necks if they aren’t used to it.
With softboards, you can easily handle the weight and still get the same result you could get with a traditional board.
Also, the surface of the board feels sturdy, you won’t feel you are surfing over foam and fiber.


You can develop the same speed and control you do in a traditional surfboard. Meanwhile, you can have the lightest surfboard in the market so far.
So there is no reason to say no to softboards, they are the best for new and advanced surfers. And my students deserve the best.
If you want to reserve a lesson do not hesitate to contact me using the social buttons on the side of this page OR using the contact form present in surf lessons section.