Suecos Beach

Suecos Beach

full panorama of los suecos beach, nicoya, costa rica

2 kilometers south of the small town of Mal Pais, you can find a little piece of paradise. It is called Playa Suecos, a small beach with blue waters and white sand.

How to get there?

From the entrance to Santa Teresa in El Carmen Beach, you can take the road to the south. This path will take you to Mal Pais.
You should keep going south until the road becomes a narrow path. Not best to go there if your car is a sedan.
The narrow path will take you to an improvised park lot. Then walk for two minutes on a small trail that takes you to the beach.

What is so special about Los Suecos Beach?

woman resting under a palm tree at costa rica beach

The sand is soft and white. You can walk on this small beach from point break to point break in 20 minutes. The waters are blue and the waves are small.
When the tide is low, you can see the rocky bottom of the beach. The action of erosion has created some kind of craters. The tide pools are then visible and they are very nice to dip the body and bathing.
If you have snorkel equipment you can use it on the low waters.
The north ravine has a cave where bats make their nest. If you are not afraid of these creatures you can go to the cave on low tide. We can not recommend going there because it is a rocky way and you can slip.
The beach is totally surrounded by a jungle. Therefore, birds, mammals, and amphibians are not scarce around. Perfect for nature lovers, prepare your camera.

Is Los Suecos beach any good for surfing?

Not at all. It is rocky and shallow. The waves are small and the beach is not wide at all. One can not develop speed or maneuver in such a place. Remember that you can contact Lalo for surf lessons, he’ll take you to the right beach for surfing.