The good thing about private surf lessons

private surf lessons

The advantages of private and semi-private surf lessons

A few years ago I was teaching at many surf camps in Santa Teresa, Mal Pais and other parts of Nicoya. It was a good way to accumulate experience with students of all ages and all levels.

But back then I noticed that many of the students who showed more interest in continuing surfing did not receive enough attention. The camps are several days, but as in traditional education, sometimes there are many students for the number of instructors.
Of course, we instructors try to do our best to give everyone equal time. Although there are always students who occupy more time than others. As good companions, people seek to be understanding with others.

It also happens that not everyone is looking for the same style of surfing. While some want to have a pleasant experience in the waves, others seek speed and aggressive movements.

Designing my private lessons

When I decided to start giving surf lessons by myself, I created a more personalized system where I look for the student to be more interested in surfing. That’s why my private classes and classes for two people are focused on the analysis of students, their strengths, and their weaknesses.
That’s why I focus on these points when I have a lesson.

The Surfboard

In my surf school I have a variety of boards of all sizes. I usually opt for softboards. I talked about them before in this article.
That is why before the lesson I ask the person some details about himself/herself. Nothing personal, don’t worry. Having these details will be important to choose the right table.

The Waves

Being aware of weather conditions, tidal status, and surf is part of my job. Although I go further and also look for the best conditions for the student before the lesson.


As we are in a private or semi-private surf lesson, we have much more time to explore many positions. It is a priority to find the right position for each person because we all have different balance points. The faster we go through this step, the faster we can move on to the next stage.
The good thing about having a teacher just for you is that you can ask me to help you find your most optimal position.


As your personal instructor I can teach you the most common and best movements to get you started. Well, surfing is a sport and an art. From these movements, it is important that you develop your own movements. For that I will be with you at all times, helping you to find that personal touch to your surfing style.


Developing speed is important in the water. Even so, not everyone is looking for the same style of surfing and some will look for a more relaxing experience. If you are looking for an aggressive and fast surf or a relaxing and casual surf it does not matter. I will teach you how to “accelerate” or “decelerate” in the water so that you go at your own pace as if you were on a bicycle.

dos personas participando en una clase privada de surf

Private lessons, perfect for sharing knowledge

What are the right waves? When do you have to let go of the wave? How to avoid an accident? When is it good to leave the sea calm for a while? The right clothes?
All these little things are shared as the lesson unfolds.
Private and semi-private classes allow me to have more time to answer your questions. Since I was able to focus on you and in the case of a semi-private class, on your partner, I can give personalized advice at the end according to the performance you had or had.


If you want to book a private lesson with me visit this link and fill out the form. I will wait for you here in Santa Teresa.